Daena Jay Music

Songwriter | Performing Artist | Topliner


daena jay has released 3 ep's, and can be found performing live in and around Los Angeles.

Daena’s debut project, a 5-song EP titled ‘When The Bough Breaks’, released in 2012, is richly layered – painting melancholic pictures in tension with playful overtones and melodies featuring ironic tales of hope and fateful reality, set to an epic and haunting soundtrack.

Daena’s follow-up EP, SUBDIVISION, released in 2014, takes on a more aggressive and bold sound with a beat-based musicality and rhythmic vocal melodies. Lyrically, SUBDIVSION has fewer introspective and melancholy moments while capturing more visceral and primal expressions.

'Songs For Kissing', a collection of sweet, sad, and vibey love songs, is the perfect backdrop for all matters of heart.  This collection, released in July 2015, includes two ballads - ‘The Gray’ and ‘This Is How We Love’, that were featured on CBS’s Young & The Restless. It also has 2 vibey, chill songs called ‘Stay Forever’ and ‘The Other Side’ - which was used to launch Amuse Society’s 2015 Fall Collection in a special video presentation called Down By The Sea.  And to finish it off, there are 2 live performances - one is a deeply-sad love song, called ‘On My Skin’, and the last tune is a stripped-down version of ‘What You Always Wanted'.